ATV Carbon Kevlar Rims
ATV Racing Wheels

The Hiper Technology Racing wheels are the best because they were designed to be that way from the very start. Everything learned in four years of building championship racing wheels has evolved into this design.Every component of the ATV wheels was selected to provide the best solution possible. The moduler design allows flexibility in assembling custom solutions to fill your exact needs. THE INNER AND OUTER TUBS ARE MANUFACTURED FROM CARBON FIBRE REINFORCED COMPOSITE MATERIALS. This material is lighter and stronger than aluminum.

The inner tub is cone shaped to reduce weight and increase rigidity. The center section is forged magnesium providing great strength and light weight. The outer tub is thicker and stronger to take the extra loads of impact. The two tubs are sealed together with two O-rings which prevents leaks and does not require a set-up time as silicone sealing. The entire assembly is bolted together with stainless steel hardware which will not braek or corrode. To make the decision easy, Hiper will warranty all wheels unconditionally.

Features and benefits

Moduler design
Easy component replacement and upgrades

Patented design
Energy absorbing flexible wheel

Low mass
Lower unsprung weight for superior handling and acceleration

High impact strength
Will not bend like aluminum - No more flat spots

Competitively priced
Same price with more value tha aluminum bead locks

Corrosion resistance
Will not corrode, stain or dull from stone pecking

O-ring sealing system
Stay sealed under severe use at higher operating pressures

Self aligning bead lock rings
Accurately centers ring and tyre for better wheel balance

Mud proof
Will not trap mud or water behind bead lock rings

One year warranty
Unconditional warranty for all wheels purchased new

Available colours

Red, Orange, Green, Black, Blue, Yellow