About F&D Racing
My involvement in Off-Road racing started in 1990 when I bought a 1960 VW-Beetle that had been built for Off-Road racing. Fitted with a standard beetle front suspension, independent rear suspension and a 1750cc beetle motor I started taking part in Off-Road racing events in 1990 with my wife, Dalene, as navigator.

During this year we took part in various events which included 1st in class in the KOEPEL 300km and a 2nd in the AUTOFIT VRYBURG 300. In 1991 we started off with a finish in the GILO ENG. GROOTVLEI 500km event. Looking at the class configuration and the vehicles taking part I decided that the Beetle, in the form that it stood, could never be competitive.

A major process of upgrading started in 1991, which produced the Beetle as raced from 1993 - 1998.

The vehicle now boasted with the latest American style long travel trailing front suspension, long travel rear suspension, and a total of 12 shock absorbers. The powerplant was upgraded to turboed Mazda Rotary motor, generating 150kw on the wheels, hooked to a 5spd gearbox capable of handling the power and reverse impacts associated with Off-Road racing.

Consider that all the suspension components, shock absorbers, the purpose built gearbox, and the programming of the Electromotive electronic engine management system was developed in house. Many of these items and services are being supplied to the South African Off-Road racing fraternity today.

A variety of class wins achieved with the Beetle, 2nd and 3rd places over the years, on both Regional and National events, decorate our display cabinets. Some of the highlights achieved were a 1st in class in the CALEDON 400 in 1996 and a 2nd in class in the BARBERSPAN 500 in 1998.

The other major highlight of our racing career with the Beetle was TOTAL SUPER SERIES events. The series ran from 1996 - 1998, in which we scored 4th overall in the Production Vehicle Category for 1996, 2nd overall in 1997 and overall Production winner in 1998. This series provided us with extensive TV and media coverage.

In the beginning of 1998 a new vehicle, a 2 wheel drive Toyota Hilux bakkie was developed with the purpose of building a more suitable vehicle for the Stadium Series, as well as being able to run endurance events. With the help of a variety of sponsors the vehicle was once again designed in house and successfully launched during the first half of the 1998 Super Series. Tests comments during the end of 1998 on endurance events.

1999 Saw us actively racing the Toyota Hilux bakkie in Regional events where we scored 2nd and 3rd in our class as well as an overall Production Vehicle win and 1st in class in the BARBERSPAN 200. We also successfully won the Koepel Club Challenge for 1999 with this vehicle.

The 2000 racing calender saw us only competed in 4 National events and 2 regional events. Further development was required in terms of motor performance and it had also become apparent that it was time to upgrade to a 4 wheel drive system. Competition in the new class T has become very competitive with the entry to the sport of additional factory teams. The latter part of 2000 and the first quarter of 2001 has been taken up with these changes. Our next phase of action is to test the changes and get some serious racing done.

These results will provide us with a new base for our next car for the 2002 season. Watch this site for previews on the new car. Should you be interested in getting involved in our team, please do not hesitate to contact us.